Retail Leasing Team

Retail Leasing Team

Adam Sheumack

Managing Director


As Rook Partners Managing Director, Adam provides strategies and practical solutions to a broad range of clients. Adam has worked in the retail and commercial property industry for over 20 years and has built long-term relationships and sustained repeat business with major organisations around Australia.

phone +61 411 287 869


Retail Leasing Team

Paul Trachtenberg

Leasing Executive

Paul has extensive experience running a family wholesale and retail business for over 15 years. During the past three years, he has established a solid reputation in retail and commercial real estate in Sydney.

phone +61 413 830 272


Retail Leasing Team

Daniel Song

Associate Director

After starting his career with KPMG in the property sector, Daniel moved into retail leasing and gained significant experience through being immersed on a range of neighbourhood and sub-regional assets for an asset management company.

He brings an enthusiastic and balanced approach to retail leasing, understanding the needs of the landlord and tenant.

phone +61 407 021 373


Retail Leasing Team

Rhonda Dekker

Office & Leasing Admin Manager

BA Psych Grad, DipHRM

Rhonda is an experienced administration manager who is responsible for all aspects of the lease administration process.

She is pivotal in making sure the Rook Partners office runs smoothly, and the Rook Partners’ members have a productive environment to work in.

phone +61 2 8067 0855


Retail Leasing Team

Wes Lo

Marketing Manager


Highly driven and full of energy, Wes provides marketing support to the team, sharing his refreshing experience in design and knowledge on social media which allows our clients to maximise their exposure through Rook Partners.

phone +61 2 8067 0851




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